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Abdukadir Elmi

Abdukadir Elmi was affectionately known by members of his community as ‘Sheikh Abdukadir’. He was one of the 50 people who lost their lives to terrorism on March 15th.

Abdukadir’s son Said was heartbroken. “This is devastating. My father survived through civil war [in Somalia]. I never thought this kind of stuff would happen to him in New Zealand,” he observed. Said, his wife, and their baby were set to attend the Al Noor Mosque that day, but were slightly late. When they got there, the massacre was already happening. They escaped, but Abdukadir did not survive.

Abdukadir came to New Zealand from Somalia about a decade ago with his family. Yet again, his story echoes a theme we see throughout this tragedy: no one can really predict when and where their life will end. He came to New Zealand after having escaped danger in his own country, only to fall victim to senseless terrorism in this new land.

He is survived by his wife and their nine children.

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