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Abdul Aziz Wahabzadah

Abdul Aziz chased down the Islamophobic terrorist and lived to tell us about it

Credit card machine was the only thing Abdul Aziz could put his hands on to chase a heavily armed terrorist. But he bravely hurled it at him.  

The March 15’s Islamophobic had already massacred Muslims worshiping at the Masjid Al-Noor and has arrived now at the second mosque called Linwood Mosque in Christchurch city of New Zealand where he was able to kill seven Muslims.

The terrorist fired at Abdul Aziz, but he kept moving between cars still shouting to challenge him with the intention of getting him away from the mosque where the terrorist had already killed. The attacker dropped his gun and ran to his car to grab another weapon. Abdul Aziz picked up the dropped weapon and tried to fire it, but it was out of bullets.

“I was screaming to the guy, ‘Come I’m here, come I’m here.’ I tried to put his focus on me. I didn’t want him to go inside the mosque,” Abdul Aziz told the media.

Abdul Aziz says then he hurled the gun like an arrow towards terrorist’s car shattering the back window. That caused the terrorist to flee.

Abdul Aziz is the father of 4 children. His children were begging him to not chase the terrorist, but he asked them to stay inside as he went after him.

Afghans are known for bravery. They not only chased a superpower, Soviet Union, out of their country but also accelerated its demise.

Years of war, however, produced a lot of refugees. About 3.5 million taking refuge in Pakistan. Abdul Aziz was able to find his way as a refugee to Australia. But facing Islamophobia he moved to New Zealand.

The Linwood Mosque was the second of two mosques in Christchurch targeted by the attacker in the New Zealand city.

Imam of the mosque, Alabi Lateef Zirullah, was leading prayers when he heard the shots, saw the armed man in black military-style gear and a helmet holding a large gun. He stopped the prayers and yelled at the congregation of more than 80 to get down. By that time several people were already shot.

The imam called Aziz hero for the actions took. He says that the death toll would have been far higher at the Linwood mosque if it wasn’t for Abdul Aziz.

Abdul Aziz, however, told media, he wouldn’t call himself a hero.

“I don’t think I’m a hero because if I was not there somebody else would do the same thing. That’s part of humanity, to help another human.”

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