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Ali Elmadani

Ali Elmadani did not make it home alive from the Al Noor Mosque that day. But the Islamophobic terrorist that killed him failed in his mission–Ali died in peace, doing what he loved, in the place he loved.

“I’m glad that’s where he died, surrounded by his friends and God,” Ali’s daughter said. She also stated, “We are not getting anything from being angry. We are all coming to terms with it. I don’t think our religion teaches us anger.”

Ali’s wife also took solace in fond memories of her husband and his good character. “I’m happy in the same time because it happened while he prayed. I take comfort because he was a good man,” she said.

Ali Elmadani immigrated to New Zealand from the United Arab Emirates in 1998, but he was originally from Palestine. He is blessed to have lived according to Islamic virtue and to have family members that embody those same teachings.

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