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Amjad Kasem Hamid

He was a heart doctor who used his skill to serve humanity. Now our hearts are broken for Dr. Amjad Hamid and all the other victims.

The Quran teaches that whoever works to save a life, it’s as if they have saved all of humanity.

Amjad Hamid was from Palestine and had been living in Christchurch for over two decades. For the last few years, he had been working with rural communities in the mountainous regions of the North Island of New Zealand. He was known for bringing back Baklava treats from Christchurch for everyone there.

In a heartbreaking interview, his wife said that when news of the attack spread, she knew he must have been in the mosque because “where else would he be?” But other people might not have noticed him because he always entered and left quietly.

Several days after the attack, Amjad’s identity had still not been confirmed. His youngest son said, “We believe he’s dead … I just really loved my dad.”

Amjad’s wife said she is torn between accepting his death and hoping he is just seriously injured in a hospital somewhere.

“He was the perfect man, it’s a big loss,” she said.

We ask God to heal the hearts of those who miss Amjad Hamid, the heart doctor.

Christchurch mosque victim’s widow: ‘He was the perfect man’

In an emotional interview with Lisa Owen, Christchurch widow Hanan Al Adem recounts how she learned of Friday's massacre, and how she still can't believe her husband, Dr Amjad Hamid, is dead.

Posted by RNZ on Monday, March 18, 2019

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