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Ansi Karippakulam Alibava

Ansi had moved to New Zealand from the city of Kerala in India a year ago with her husband.

Ansi was getting her masters in business management. Her husband worked at a supermarket to pay the bills so his wife could fulfill her dream. Her family had taken a loan to further her education with the hope she would be returning with a good job and paying it off. Kerala is known for its high literacy and being one of the least corrupt states in India.

They were both at the mosque that tragic day, after missing nine months of services due to work commitments. Abdul Nazer, her husband, was near a door when the shooting started. He escaped as people were falling over him with blood and glass everywhere. Ansi had also escaped but returned to the mosque to find her husband. The shooter spotted her from his car and shot her once. She fell down and called for help but he shot her again. It was there she took her last breath.

Her husband later found her face down on the street. They had been married for only two years and she had recently completed her degree by taking extra courses in the summer. She was only 25.

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