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Ashraf Razak Ali

Ashraf was a Fijian from Suva who had arrived only six days earlier to Christchurch to see his brother Ramzan Ali, something he did every year. On the 15th of March both brothers were at the mosque where they regularly prayed when the white supremacist marched in and bullets started going off. Ramzan was one of the last ones to escape but his brother Ashraf was sadly not amongst those who could get out in time.

A large 58 year old man, he was the youngest sibling of his 8 brothers and sisters. He is survived by his daughter in Melbourne. He lost his wife only a year ago. He owned a taxi company and was an amazing entrepreneur, ‘Jack of all trades’ as his brother described him.

Due to his large size and talent for football he was nicknamed The Bulldozer.
He was from Suva, the capital of Fiji.

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