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Hamza Mustafa

Hamza was the son of Khalid Mustafa and brother to Zaed. They had fled from Syria to Christchurch a year ago thinking it was the safest place on earth. While Zaed is 13, Hamza was also young, a mere 15 years old. Hamza’s principal in high school describes him as a compassionate young man who was also very hard-working. He was an excellent horse rider, wanting to becoming a vet.

Thousands of Syrians, who had been living a good life in Syria have been displaced since the war in Syria, fleeing to bordering nations to live in camps and hoping for refugee status in countries willing to take them in.

Both father, Khalid and son Hamza were shot dead in the shooting but Zaed, who was also shot, survived. He attended the funeral on a wheelchair, not understanding why he got to live and be alone to suffer. Hamza and Khaled were the first two to get buried.

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