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Husna Ahmed

Husna Ahmed is one of the top heroes emerging from the massacre in Christchurch New Zealand. On March 15th, 2019 when she heard the gunshots, she first rescued all children and women to safety and then rushed to rescue her husband, Farid Ahmed, whom she had just left in another portion of the mosque. This is when she was shot by an Islamophobic white supremacist as she was approaching the mosque.

Husna, her name literally means, best and the beautiful. And that is how she is remembered by those who knew her.

In a few minutes this beautiful soul, Husna, left this world for the everlasting life as a Shaheed.

Husna was a 45 years old nurse, a wife and a mother of a fifteen-year-old. She had been in New Zealand for a quarter of a century.

She was known to all those around her as the mother-like figure who took care of them. She would be remembered for cooking meals for people when needed, helping women who were pregnant and being the shoulder to cry on for others.

Originally from Bangladesh, she and her husband moved to Christchurch a few years after they got married. When he was injured in when a drunken driver hit him and was confined to a wheelchair.

After the deadly earthquake in 2011, Husna helped settle Bangladeshi migrants – engineers, metalworkers, and builders – who came to assist the rebuilding of the shattered city.

Bangladesh is one of the 8th most populated countries in the world and has been taking care of 1.1 million Rohingya refugees whereas many Bangladeshis immigrate to other counties for a better life.

Her husband, Farid, when interviewed by reporters was grieving for his lost friend and companion but said he did not hate the shooter, rather loved him and forgave him. When his daughter, distraught to hear of her mother’s death, found out Farid comforted her by saying I will now be your mother and your father. The community at large will miss her as she seemed to be the strength, they all needed to turn to.

When the lockdown at her school lifted on Friday, their daughter returned home, knowing only her mother was missing and asking where she was.

“I didn’t miss a second, I said: ‘She is with God,’” Farid said.

“She said: ‘You are lying’. She said: ‘Are you telling me I don’t have a mother?’”

“I said: ‘Yes, but I am your mother now and I am your father…we have to change the roles.”


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