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Junaid Ismail

Junaid Ismail, 36, a husband and a father, used to help support the family business. A corner store in New Zealand. “For 31 years, this is where our income has come from” said Judaid’s twin brother, Zahid. Nadiya, 5, Adam, 3, and Yusuf, 1 relied on the income their father made. Now things were going to be different.

The family had immigrated from India over 30 years ago when the twins were around five years old. The parents started the store which Junaid had worked in. He would have have been working there had the events of that fateful Friday not taken place, said Zahid.

Old and new customers have been dropping into their small shop with flowers to show their sympathies and support for the family. They have covered the footpath outside the small blue store with messages such as “Your Loss is Our Loss” and “We Are So Sorry.”

In his spare time, Junaid used to be an enthusiastic batsman. He was described as being a being a very popular member of the Riccarton Cricket Club for over 10 years. “A lot of people knew him. He had a lovely manner, and newcomers to the team or group were always made to feel very welcome by him,” said the secretary-treasurer, Tim Murdoch. “He would often bring some supplies down from his dairy; he was just a nice man and a gentle person.”

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