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Kamel Darwish

The safety and security of New Zealand were briefly shattered the day of March 15th, and Kamel Darwish was one of those taken.

Kamel Darwish had arrived in New Zealand about six months ago. He had lived in Jordan, and was originally from Palestine. His brother Zuhair, who has lived in New Zealand for 15 years, is the one who invited him to come.

“It’s very hard to live in Jordan and I told him, come here, it’s the best place that you can raise your child in … safest place in the world and best future for your child … that’s the only reason that he came,” he had told his brother Kamel.

Kamel worked as a dairy farmer in Jordan, and continued to do so in New Zealand. His manager at the dairy farm said of him, “He was very caring, he has very good bonding with everyone, he always miss his family but he [was] thinking about his future, because he already apply [for] his family visa … and he’s waiting for his family to come here,” Mr Singh said.

Kamel’s colleagues knew he attended the Al Noor mosque regularly, and when news of the shooting first spread, they panicked and tried to call him. He was one of those who lost their lives that day.

Kamel Darwish is survived by his wife and three children in Jordan. He is described as “caring, honest, and loving.”

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