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Khaled Mustafa

Khaled Alhaj Mustafa and his two sons Hamza and Zaid were all victims of the white supremacist attack on the Dean Ave mosque. After long hours of surgery to his leg, thirteen-year-old Zaid -the youngest of the three- had finally stabilized and was well on his way to recovery.

Unfortunately, Zaid’s dad and older brother were both fatally shot on that day. The now sixteen-year-old Hamza had just celebrated his birthday two days prior to the tragedy. A student at Cashmere Highschool, his principal described him as a “Compassionate and a hard-working student.” He called his mother Salwa and alarmed her of the attack as it was taking place but then it all fell to silence, Hamza was never able to speak any other words afterwards.

The father, Khaled Mustafa was a lover of animals and enjoyed working with horses as a farrier for quite some time. He later died at the hospital from bullet wounds. Both father and son were buried on the same day inside the Memorial Park Cemetery in Linwood, Zaid witnessed his family’s burial while sitting in a wheelchair. It is reported that Zaid uttered the following words while staring at the graves: “I shouldn’t be standing in front of you. I should be lying beside you.”
Khaled and his family, all part of the Circassian community in Syria, had just moved a couple of months earlier to New Zealand. The family needed to seek refuge from the atrocities, bloodshed and violence that had engulfed their Syrian homeland. Young Hamza spent around six years in
Jordan as a refugee before the family was granted permission to enter New Zealand. However, misfortune was soon to follow the poor family all the way across the world into their new home, a place they all felt would be safe and secure.

First funerals for Christchurch victims begin with Khaled Mustafa and son Hamza

Christchurch mosque shootings: Honouring the dead – Khaled and Hamza Mustafa

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