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Lilik Abdul Hamid

Professionally, Lalik worked as an aircraft engineer at Air New Zealand. Christopher Luxon, Air New Zealand’s Chief Executive said that the airline was devastated to lose one of its team. “Lilik has been a valued part of our engineering team in Christchurch for 16 years, but he first got to know the team even earlier when he worked with our aircraft engineers in a previous role overseas,” he said. “The friendships he made at that time led him to apply for a role in Air New Zealand and make the move to Christchurch. His loss will be deeply felt by the team.”

Lalik Abdul Hamid was a husband, a father and a valuable member of the New Zealand community. His daughter, Zhania Anindya said that they “…never felt alone with his personality, he was always making friends with anyone.” She recalled that he was “very open to everyone” and was always “very sincere. Very giving, very selfless.” Her father loved the outdoors and in particular, he enjoyed fishing. “Christchurch was just perfect for him,” she said. “He moved here, he fell in love with the country ‘cause it’s just so peaceful.” “He died in the holy place, worshipping god. That’s the thing we want to remember. We don’t want to remember how he passed away” said a close family friend, Dietce Apriani.

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