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Linda Armstrong

The terrorist who attacked the mosque wanted to kill Muslims because he viewed them as foreigners, invaders, and occupiers.

But Linda Armstrong was a third generation New Zealander. She was raised in the West Auckland region. She was white. Still, her life was violently taken that day.

“Linda had a huge heart and what little she had, she was more than happy to share with her family and Muslim community,” said her nephew. He also remembered that she “befriended many travellers, immigrants and refugees opening her home, her heart and her kitchen,”

In fact, Linda’s big heart is exactly what led her to Islam. She embraced her new faith while volunteering at a refugee center in Auckland. The Prophet Muhammad taught that people with the best morals prior to accepting Islam go on to make the best Muslims. Linda truly embodied this.

After meeting and interacting with many Muslims, Linda told her nephew, “These are really beautiful people and this religion really resonates with me.”

Linda’s close friend Tayeb from the refugee center called her his ‘sister’. He said, “She died as a martyr. This criminal who does this thinks that he has done something bad for them but he’s not right. He does something very good for them.”

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