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Matiullah Safi

Mathullah Safi, 55, was killed at Al Noor mosque. He had traveled to New Zealand from Afghanistan through India about nine years ago, Stuff reported. He was married with five children. With such a large family, it would seem Safi led a fruitful, pious, and fulfilling life. “Allah bless him, he has gone back to Allah,” said a post in his honor on Facebook.  

Safi’s nephew, Harry Khan, related his experience of the day of the attacks to Buzzfeed News. He had planned to be at the mosque that day for Friday prayers, but a school assignment had kept him away.

“The mosque was a happy place for Khan and his large family, who came to Christchurch as refugees from Afghanistan in 2010. But while most of Khan’s family were mercifully either absent from or running late to mosque that day, another of his uncles, Matiullah Safi, was inside. The father of five was killed in the attack.

Khan remembered Safi as a ‘great man’.

‘You could always go to him, he always had a smile on his face, he was always at the mosque earlier than anyone, he was staying there, he was helping out with a lot of charities,’ he said. ‘He was a great member of the family, keeping everyone in place and keeping everyone together.’”

Safi’s life as a devoted father, uncle, husband, and brother will surely live on in the loving memories of his family.


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