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Mohammad Imran Khan

Mohammad Imran Khan, originally from the Indian city of Hyderabad, had a goal of bringing the taste of his home town to New Zealand. His specialty was the biryani of Hyderabad. The 47-old old father and restaurant owner was remembered by his fellow neighbouring restaurant owners as a “really good guy.” An employee of the restaurant said, “We were friends more than employer and employee. He wanted to sell biryani in Christchurch. Hyderabad cuisine is different from the rest of Indian cuisine, and we are well known for our biryani – if you ask Indian where you get a biryani they will name here.”

Well wishers had taken the time to leave handwritten signs outside Mohammad’s restaurant, the Indian Grill to show their support for their family. Pink flowers also laid nearby.

Mohammad was a son of a couple who resides in Villa Park, Illinois. In under a year, the family had suffered two major tragedies. Mohammad’s father had died less than six months ago in November. “We know that each and every one of us in this room is praying from the depths of our hearts for Mohammad Khan and his family,” said Aliya Husain, of the Islamic Foundation of Villa Park. Amongst all the hardships the family had recently faced, his cousin said, “It brings a sense of calm a much as possible that when he was taken away he was in the best state that he can be…He was praying to his God.”–the-pillars-of-a-life-lost-in-christchurch-terrorist-attack

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