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Mojammel Hoq

Becoming a dentist and serving the poor for free is very noble cause. This dream died forever with Mojammel Hoq in the terrorist attack.

Mojammel spent the last 3 years of his life studying dentistry in Christchurch. His dream was to move back to Bangladesh, open a dental clinic for the poor, and marry his fiancé.

Abdul Hoq, Mojammel’s cousin, said Mojammel was like a brother to him. He also said “He was such a nice human being; he was humble and competent. He always appreciated all kinds of people .. left a big hole in our hearts.”

You left a country so you can serve the most needy. You left Bangladesh in hopes to make your country better in the future. Bangladesh is a country which accepted 1.5 million refugees from Burma.

Your dreams will not be forgotten, nor will you. Thank you our hero.

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