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Mounir Soliman

Mounir Soliman was originally from Egypt. He worked as a design engineer and quality manager at Scotts Engineering in Christchurch since 1997, according to the Stuff news site. He was killed, along with dozens of others, at the hateful attack on Masjid Al Noor.

Scotts spokeswoman Glenda Hillstead said Soliman was a “lovely man” who would be missed for his personality as well as his vital role in the company. He was very devout and never missed Friday prayers, going to the mosque every day and also praying at work. He is survived by his wife Ekram.

Memorial posts on Facebook described him as a “gentle soul,” leaving no doubt that Suleiman will be fondly remembered by everyone who knew him. Suhaib Webb wrote on Facebook that, “Our illuminated brother Mounir Suleiman – as told to me by his friend – converted to Islam many years ago, and immigrated to New Zealand where he sought a safe-haven to be able to practice Islam freely, and live peacefully with his wife, fleeing the prosecution he faced in his home country because of his belief choice.

His kindness and compassion were overwhelming. He was killed at the shooting. He was 68 years old, leaving his wife behind. Allāh accept him, a true muhājir, bless his wife and their family.” His loving memory will live on with his friends and family in Egypt, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

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