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Mucaad Ibrahim

It seemed like just another Friday to Mucaad. He was planning to attend Friday Prayers with his father and watch his brother play football (soccer) in the park. Unfortunately, Mucaad would become the youngest victim of the terrorist attack.

Mucaad was born in New Zealand. He had dreams of becoming a doctor or prime minister. Aden, Mucaad’s brother, said his brother loved to smile and brighten up other people’s days. On his free time Mucaad loved to play on his iPad. Like every other child he had great affinity toward technology.

Over 20 years ago Mucaad’s parents escaped a brutal civil war. They moved to New Zealand along with other 60 families to Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch is home for these families. They raise their kids in this town and are part of the community. They all believe Christchurch is home to them. Ahmed Osma, one of the community members, said Mucaad was very approachable. He also said “It’s been tough days. It’s been really tough days.”

It has not been easy on the family. A mother who lost her child is having fainting spells over the grief of her child whose life ended before it began.

Mucaad even though you have left us your smile will always brighten our day. Your big brown eyes will tinkle like star in our memories.

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