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Ozair Kadir

Ozair Kadir, was a young aviation student who had aspired to become a commercial pilot, like his older brother. Instead of sharing the skies with his younger brother, he had to take little brother’s body home to Hyderabad, India for burial.

The Chief Executive of International Aviation of New Zealand, Jermey Ford said that his sudden death had affected the students and instructors deeply. “The comments that have been circulating this last week have been that he was well-respected and pleasant man to be around and I think that says a lot,” said Ford. “I’ve heard a few saying things like ‘I’ll fly through the skies with you Kadir’,” Ford said.

Friends had also left heartfelt comments on Ozair’s facebook page. One read, “You were such a respectful and a kind person. I will forever remember the interesting conversations we had.” Another wrote, “rest in peace brother. We know you’ll forever be soaring the skies with us.”

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