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Ramiz Vora

Ramiz, 28, lost his life in the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, like his father, Arif. To compound the tragedy, he and his wife had just had their first child together, a daughter, days before. Though his daughter will never know her father, he will live on in the fond memories of friends and family

Ramiz was originally from Gujarat, India, but spent his personal and professional adult life in Christchurch.

Friends left effusive posts in his memory on Facebook. One said: “Ramiz Vora’s baby girl had reportedly been due to come home from hospital last Friday, after he and his father Asif returned from mosque. But instead of celebrating the newest member of their family, the Voras are waiting to bury the new father and grandfather…Insurance agent Asif, 56, and his wife had travelled to Christchurch from their home in Vadodara, Gujarat, last month to see the new baby, his brother Mahsin told BBC Gujarati. Ramiz, meanwhile, had moved to New Zealand around seven years ago, and was working at a factory in Christchurch.’What did they do wrong to be killed in a mosque?’ Mahsin asked. ‘We are praying peace will prevail in the world.'”

To have such a tragedy befall a newfound parent is heartbreaking, but his daughter will know for her whole life that her father was a devout man of faith, having lost his life in a place of worship surrounded by his friends and community.


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