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Tariq Rashid Omar

The twenty four year old Tariq Rashid Omar was a bright young man of a kind and remarkable nature. He loved sports and was a talented football coach. On that day, Tariq had accompanied his mother Rosemary to the mosque and as soon as she finished parking, gunshots were heard from the direction of the mosque. Upon hearing the shots, Rosemary rushed to the Masjid only to find that her son had fallen victim to the terrorist’s bullets.

On Facebook, the Christchurch United FC shared a tribute to Tariq. On March 17th they posted: “A beautiful human being with a tremendous heart and love for coaching.” One of Tariq’s friends wrote: “I was devastated to learn that one of my Geology classmates, Tariq Omar, was among those who lost their lives in the Christchurch terror attack. I’ll always remember his warm smile, bonding over football, struggling together on field trips and his friendliness/humility he had at all times. This brings a whole new level of realism to such a horrible situation. Make sure you reach out in kindness and invite people to community every chance you get. You never know the last time you’ll talk to someone.”

His father, Rashid Omar from Singapore described his son as a devout religious person. Tariq was taken away too soon by bullets of hate.

Tariq Omar, son of Singaporean, one of the Christchurch massacre victims

One of the 50 Christchurch terror attack victims was son of S’porean man

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