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Zakaria Bhuiyan

By Sound Vision Staff Writer

He left this world on his 33rd birthday. He has taken a day off to celebrate his birthday.

Zakaria Bhuiya was doing what millions of immigrants around the world do: working hard and saving as much money as possible to take care of his poor relatives in Bangladesh. He was the fourth of five siblings. He lived in the Christchurch area working as a welder at AMT Mechanical working as hard as he can. Zakaria had recently gotten married and was working to get his wife, Rina Akter, from Bangladesh.

His company remembers him as the first class worker. They have also set up a fund to assist his widow. The company says that “the quality of his welding was second to none and as a company, we were very proud of his workmanship.

Prophet Muhammad preached that smile is a charity and Zakaria’s colleagues describe him as someone who always had a positive outlook on life and kept a smile on his face. He was a cheerful person who spread positivity to others.

Colleague Barry McNabb said Bhuiya was a true friend.

“I can honestly say hand on heart, that in losing Zakaria I have lost a true friend and an exceptional work colleague,” McNabb said.

“Regardless of whether it was rain, hail or snow Zak would be standing there with that cheeky smile on his face that he was so well renowned for.

“He was an absolute pleasure to be around.

“Zak’s positive attitude to life is something that I will try to incorporate into my life, for the rest of my life.

“Farewell, my brother.”

“He was a really honourable ambassador for Muslims,” a co-worker said of Zakaria.

In that same spirit of a fun-loving yet religious lifestyle, it was on March 15th that Zakaria had taken time off from work to celebrate his 33rd birthday. He was attending Friday Prayers at the Al Noor masjid that day when he was killed.

Zakaria is also described as going the extra mile to help anyone in need. His friends and members of the Bangladeshi community came to the mosque in the wake of the attack, holding up his picture and asking about his whereabouts. They had given police a detailed description of Zakaria and wanted to know why he had not been identified. 

Zakaria is missed by family, friends, and colleagues, who all echo the same fond memories of him.

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